• Hi have a great day mam tali thank you very much for the online course you offered it big help for us caregiver to do the job easy and it is a good reminder also very appreciated your efforts and your team thank you I finished the course .Thank You mam.
  • Thanks to all lecturers and once again thanks to tali company, I am very very happy to attend all classes and all topics and improving my knowledge. I would like to recommend to my all friends also.
    All lecturers explained very clearly, I am very proud to attend this course. Soo thank u so much for giving this opportunity to me.
  • Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity for learning this all! I Literally enjoyed & overwhelmed!! Truly grateful 🙏 Tali ma’am for you kindness towards caregivers 🤗
  • This caregiver course help us better to understand the conditions of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia and to improve our knowledge by giving them good care and a lot of patience. It’s also important to help the family members to give more understanding to their love ones and be more considerate and kind while working with our patient, by using good communication skills with both the patients and the family and also give the dietary food that can help them to a good long life..to help them with better hygiene due to cleanliness..and lastly exercise for both patient and caregiver to give them better posture and prevent them to different illnesses.
  • I highly recommend that every caregivers must take this course. It is very much helpful to all Caregivers to have this course for us to update our knowledge on how to handle our clients and how to protect ourselves from unsafe scenario or prevent us to cause more problem towards clients. Its mainly about the safety of the Clients and roles of caregivers. Most of all, to remind us(Caregivers), our purpose and goal in this Profession.
    The deliverance of the topic is clear ,precise and systematic. Every single topic was made clear and easy to understand. Demonstration also was performed well though its on screen but easy to anticipate or picture the idea being presented.
    Overall, it was an amazing experience to have this course online. It truly helps to be more confident and less stress working towards client.
  • Thank u Tali ma’am.Thank u very much for hard work. Realy, i m so happy u r part of my education. Great learning nd experience. Thank u very much .❤
  • Thank you so much for this wonderful courses, you’ve no idea how much this helpful to me, thank you for all the staff’s of creating this courses i learned more knowledge how to communicate in a good and proper way to make request, healthy diet prevention and good exercise both parties. Thank you all 👏
  • I learned a lot about taking care of the patient,like to deal with thier illnes, how to give them proper food and nutrition personal hygiene,how to use a mobility aids and the safely of them. Showing empathy,compassion,attentiveness to help of the patience,I must have more patience in taking care of illness patient,have a good relationship with the patient. As a care giver im happy to work with my employer thankyou for the additional knowledge to be more good caregiver…
  • Interesting topics! It increases our knowledge, these methods VL surely help us to work easily, it’s Fantastic ! A big thanks to you !!! 🙂
  • I enjoyed so much to go back all about this, yeah! I learned this during my nursing course and also during my caregiver course in Philippines but recalling and studying this back, makes me alert that my actions towards my boss is slightly different from what I encountered again from the topics. So for me even one care provider is done this course they must study back again for them to realize or compared if they practicing appropriately towards their job. I really recommended this course to every caregiver, even you done this course already before. This course makes you refresh and you can compare your actual action and you may improve on it. Thank you so much and I really enjoyed and learned more. God bless!!!!
  • Thanks a lot for this online course. It helps me a lot to refreshed my knowledge about caregiving. It is indeed a need for us caregivers to have this course for us to know what to do to our clients to make our work easier & to prolong life & prevent furher conplications. God bless
  • I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to online caregiver course..it’s a excellent not just for the patient as well to caregiver to learn more knowledge and right techniques to improve and give maximum care to our patient…
    Thank you..
  • So much fun. And learn a lot from the instructor. Thank you very much
  • Learning this caregiving course gave me more knowledge to keep an elderly persons… also it gives me lesson how to handle my self as a caregiver specially in a difficult situation… physically & emotionally.. thank you for my company to encourage me to have this online course…again thank you very much 😍
  • First I want to say thanks giving me this opportunity to take this lesson online.Its really amazing and good experience for me.The lectures are very pretty persons they are taking class in very nice way.i salute to all of you once again thank u very very much🥰🥰🥰🥰
  • This course helped me a lot. It is explained all in simple language with good examples. All the video clips were demonstrated and explained well. This course should be attended by all the caregives as they come to Israel. I am very thankful for providing me this opportunity to attend this class. Thank u ma’am.. 👏👏
  • Thank you for this interesting course,its a great presentation styles with lots of opportunities to learn about a real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative course.This has more than met my expectations.A wonderfully practical course both personally and professionally..Thank you…
  • Greetings Ma’am TaliI’m writing a quick note to say that I throughly enjoyed your lessons and it was never a chore to watch your videos. You have helped me tremendously through my caregiving journey. I really loved your lectures. Thank you, again, for such a wonderful learning experience, and I hope to learn from you again in the future
  • Thank you very much for adding new knowledge and techniques that were delivered by the expert caregivers, social workers, nurses , nutritionist and physio therapists. But this step by step, way how to understand the field. . is an excellent way of teaching how to take care of our patient. I start working from 2005 as a caregiver up to the present. I did not choose this job but the job chose me. and I am embracing it and proud to say that I am fulfilled in the line of caregiving. Call it a calling. I am recommending my fellow caregiver to participate in this course since it is done online anytime they want. Thanks to all my former employers and their families. Some taught me how to speak their language, Some treat us like a family, Some died in my arms.To Tally, for her patient in reminding me to go back to my lesson To The Online Caregiving course. I had a great time learning this course…More power and good luck with your mission. 👏👏
  • Salute to all the instructor ang most especially to Tali who conducted this ol course.. I’ve learned a lot about care giving its the first time but it gave me much more knowledge to apply in my everyday work as a caregiver and now I’m more confident and easyly manage my work especially in my case that my savta has a alziemer.. Thank u so much again
  •  To everyone and ma’am Tali thanks a lot.My salute! Great learning from the speaker.This course is highly recommended and gave us more knowledge that can help us to apply to our patients, family, friends and also for us. Thank you! God bless and stay safe always everyone! 🙏🙏
  • Learning the course is a great big help adding in my knowledge for a caregiver like me, the lecturers give a clear and understandable explanation and it really help us caregivers on how to take good care of a patient correctly in their everyday lives and even teach us caregivers to be more patience and understand the situation of the patient. Over all , amazing… Thank you very much…
  • Thank you for a great course. Great presentation style with lots of real life examples. I got lots of knowledge from this. After every lesson the question answer that which All made For a really enjoyable and informative course. A wonderful practical course – both personally and professionally Thank you so much
  • Greetings Ma’am Tali. I already finished all the lessons. Thank you very much for the hard work you put into the course. I learned a lot and enjoyed every minute of the lecture. I am so happy you are part of my education👏
  • Thank you for giving me this opportunity to take this lesson online. I learned a lot from all your lessons for me to be able to perform my job even better. I really appreciate the concern of your lessons not only for the health of our patients, but also for our sake as caregivers. Salute to all of you! God bless you and more power. Again, thank you very much👏
  • Thank you very much for such a great opportunity and for giving me some strategies to take care and deal with the patient in all aspect of weaknesses when it comes to physical, intellectual and mental illnesses. I’ve learned a lot. It is my pleasure and very much appreciated of your program. Thank you very much.
  • First I want to say thanks for giving me this opportunity to take this lesson online. Its really amazing and good experience for me.The lectures are very pretty persons they are taking class in very nice way. I salute to all of you once again thank u very very mutch 🥰🥰🥰🥰
  • Great learning and good explanation by the instructors. It gave us more knowledge that can help us to apply to our patients and also for us caregivers. Now, we can be more confident to do our job because we know how to handle the situation. Especially the right techniques. Thank you for the knowledge! 🙂
  • Shalom Good Morning 🌝 just finished the physiotherapy course last Friday, again I enjoyed it, many things that i learned.. doing the wrong technique sometimes, now because of the course i will be able to correct, do it right. Again thank you to you Maam Tali & to lecturers, it was very interesting.
  • Thank you so much for giving me a chance to take this course its add to my knowledge to learn more about care giver work 🙏
  • I really recommended this course to every caregiver, even you done this course already before. This course makes you refresh and you can compare your actual action and you may improve on it. Thank you so much and I really enjoyed and learned more. God bless!!!!
  • Greetings Ma’am Tali, I’m writing a quick note to say that I throughly enjoyed your lessons and it was never a chore to watch your videos. You have helped me tremendously through my caregiving journey. I really loved your lectures. Thank you
  • Great learning and experience. The lecturer explain their topic in a very nice way. I really learned a lot from this course especially how to deal with our patient. They taught us also how the correct and proper position to transfer our patient to one place to another. And a lot more.👏👏
  • To maa’m Tali and the group, thank u very much. Big salute to everybody. This course is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Good luck and GOD BLESS us all..
  • “Knowledge is power”. The course was excellent and very helpful for increase the quality of the caregiving work. Thank you so much for all the team members.
  • Wow!💗👍very excellent it’s amazing this online course it’s very helpful and reminding for us caregiver to do well and do the good job properly for our safety as well. Thank you mam tali and my company for inviting me to join this online course very appreciated thank you I love you and more power God bless 💋💋💋
  • I really learned a lot and I can relate to all the topics cause I have a patient need help physically and sometimes mentally. The explanation is very good and easy to understand. thank you to all who put efforts to do this kind of video and learning. I will recommend my friends to participate also in this course. It’s a big help for us on how to handle the situation as caregiver. THANK YOU :)
  • I just wanna say thank you to the Team who conducted this course and for giving us an opportunity to learn a lot of things about our job as a caregiver. This course helped me how to changed my perspective in this field and in my environment on how to take care of an elderly people in the best way that I can. I understand now how to deal with people in different situations. I’m grateful and blessed that I’ve been part of this course. Great job! 🙏
  • Each lessons has things that I personally need to learn and put it in my mind and in my heart. This can really help me in my job as a caregiver and i’ll be more productive as i pratice the things i’ve learned. This can not only benefits myself but also the person/s that i taking care with. This is exactly what we need to know as caregivers to really fulfill our duties and responsibilities to our employer/s. I would like to point out some of the things that really stock in my mind during the lessos. First, the communication or behaivor towards your employer. We mus not be aggressive or pissed off especially in bad situations. We must have a lot of savlanut/patience. The love and respect toward each other must always present in any circumstances. Second, the proper nutrition and exercise. We must be aware on the food that we give to our employer and make sure that they will do exercise as much as they needed if they are able to, this can help them to be healthy and probably to help them to prolong their lives. Lastly, the proper usage of equiptments. I believe that those equiptments are meant to help us and our employer to make things easy. However, we must learn how to use them in a way that out employer will feel better and safer. Their safety is always our first priority.

    After i’ve watched the videos in this lesson, i feel more motivated and more compassion to my work. I feel how important my role as a caregiver. I believe that the things i’ve from this lesson will benefits me for the entire of my life. I know that this could help me also when time comes that i will be in the same situations of my employer now. That i will be cared by someone. So if we treated our employer with love and care, i believe that this will bounce back to you someday.

    Again, thank you for having me part of this wonderful trainings online. More power and blessing…🙏
  • Hi, I’m really happy that you gave me that opportunity , and we learn all the topic and subject as caretaker.
    thank you so much for give me an opportunity to grow up our caregiver work and we also caring perfect to our patient.
    thank you so much to all of you lecturers to explain me smoothly.
    thank you so much all of you.
  • I recommend my friends to participate in this course because I learned a lot on the topics in how to handle clients with old aging and especially about physiotherapy I learned the right position, techniques and equipments in transferring the clients.
  • Thank you very much for giving such a grate opportunity to participate in this course, it was a good experience, I really recommend this course to every caregivers, words are powerless to express my gratitude to you and entire team. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank u very much for facilitating such a positive learning environment, I really enjoyed. Thanks
  • Thank you very much for allowing me to join this course. its very helpful to me to learn those things that you’ve teach us. which can help me to apply to be more easier to my work. once again thank you and may god blessed you more.
  •  This course is excellent i learned a lot now is easier to work with the patient god bless everyone   👏👏👍
  • This course is very good. Amazing. I want to learn more this type of knowledge and I like very much this course. Thank you very much all of you. Especialy all lectures. And god bless you
  • I enjoy watching the videos and listening the very interesting lessons. Thank you ma’am Tali and the group for this course online. Thank you for the lecturers, they demonstrate very clearly. Listening for the lessons always excited for the next topic. I learned more techniques and ideas for my job as a caregiver. I highly recommended this caregiving online course to everyone, friends. God bless us all.
  • It’s so much helpful for me to learn more things about care giving. And highly recommended for every one. All the caregivers must participate in this course and I’m really happy I did.
  • Thank you very much.. I have many things I learned in this online course. It’s very nice and very good for me as a caregiver. it helps to me to apply my job and make easy and safety for my patient and also for myself.
  • First of all ,I would like to convey my Thanks to all the lectures who imparted Their knowledge on Tali 2020 online course for free for us. This course has helped immensely in our daily routines as a care with with our employees and has taught me how to perform all my duties at an excellent level 🙏
  • 👍👍👍👍 excellent thanks to lev zahav and to Ms Tali and all the trainers for the opportunity to be with this online caregiving course, it helps a lot and gives additional knowledge for all the caregiver’s like me
  • It was an excellent experience to study the course.It gives me a lot of knowledge on how to become an efficient caregiver not only as caregiver but also for myself as well on how to overcome the situation soon if I’m old. I’ve learn better ways how to handle the patient behaviour and how to make them calm. ways of how to handle the depression, good hygiene, good nutrition, physical deterioration, care of the skin to prevent pressure. I’ve learn about the changes of digestive system, about the neurological system and how to handle Tha patient. How to take care the dementia with parkinson’s disease
  • Hi Madam..
    Today finshed my course,
    First upon i say big thank you from my bottam of heart..
    Thank you for Encouranging me and supporthing me for caregiving..
    I get more information’s from you..
    Thank you very much..
  • I appreciate this course from my heart ,each an everyone should get chance to learn with those excellent lecturers they are awesome 👍I would like to suggest some family members also to have such kind of knowledge too…thanks a lots to the entire team of this excellent course 🙏💐
  • I never thought that i Can learn online all of this courses. Thank you so much for this wonderful online course its is a cleaver idea indeed. because from our situation now that we are limited to go out because of the Corona I am so comfortable learning right from my gadgets. I have learned a lot aside from What I have learned as a Caregiver.Thank you so much all of the lessons are great and educational.Thank you also for reminding us as a caregiver to take care our self and exercising relaxation in order to cope up with stress.Proper nutrition not just for our client and also for us.Also how to handle patient with different kinds of deceases.Proper Relationship with the client as well to their family.Thank you so much.God bless and goodluck to your Company. I highly recommend this to all caregivers in any nationality.
  • Thank you soo much for teaching us with a kind heart and I think lecturers did their best for us.
  • Having an online class like this during this time of pandemic is very useful to a caregiver like me.not only to refresh our caregiving course but it gives us an ideas, knowledge and techniques on how to do our work to become more effective efficient and accurate caregiver to our clients, you give us an additional information on how to handle from a different situations of a client.Thats why i would like to say that thank you so much for including me on this kind of program, I’m so grateful again thank you and more power
  • thank you for this course because it helps me more to understand the needs of my patient. It also widen my knowledge about the using of some instrument particularly the lifter. and also it made me realise how important are the foods we consume in our body. thank you for this opportunity…..
  • I learned a lot. And as a caregiver the course gives me more knowledge on how to take care of my patient, give the proper nutrition they need, to become more aware of their safety and mine as well and it helps me to do my work more easily. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to take the course. I am very grateful that I was given a chance to participate.
  • I really enjoyed the online course. I thought it was well planned and layed out, easy for me to follow. The work load(questions& test)was just enough, so i could finish everything with enough time, learn about the topics and not feel over loaded and rushed.
    Overall I really like this class because all lectures, assignments, and tests are straight forward. I believe that I have more knowledge about caregiving and hopefully, I can use them in real life. Regards
  • A pleasant greetings to everyone behind this lesson!!! Thank you very much for helping us to understand more about our job. It is a great opportunity to watched those lessons because you can learned a lot from it on how to become a great Caregiver. It also helped me to understand more about the situation of the person that I’am taking care. And thank you also for the techniques from the Physiotheraphist, I learned a lot on how I can handle my employer and the importance of taking care of my self to avoid some injury to my body. Again, thank you and more power and God bless to everyone!
  • It was an amazing experience for me because this course has given me a lot of knowledge regarding my field. I am very much thankful to you for this tremendous course. I will also suggest it to my friends to gain more knowledge. Again, I am very satisfied with study material and the way the experts has taught me. This is an amazing course that will always help me as a caregiver.
  • Thank you so much for helped me .today I fineshed my course and it was amazing.i learned lot from your course
  • It really helps me understand the work of a caregiver, it helps me understand more how to deal with the old people. It enhance my capability to take right and good care for the elder people. Thank you it really helps and interest me. Bravo
  • This courses is very helpful to the caregiver like me. because so many things I didn’t know. Now I have the knowledge. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to join here. good luck and keep the good work
  • Thanks for your valuable information. I got lot of new knowledge about all the subject. Really helped me understand about each topics. “Education is our passports to the future for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”. So thank you for giving me such a valuable knowledge
  • The lesson was really helpful and interesting… i learn a lot that i never expected that there are still better ways to help my patient… it gives also for me a motivation to share to other Caregivers to learn all this lesson that i learned so that they can also understand how to deal there patient properly and also to protect there selves from having pain and also relieve some stress that they are experiencing… Many Thanks to the Social Worker, Nurse, Dietician and Pysiotheraphy who delivery to us this interesting course and also to the Management who make this course possible for Caregivers .. May God continue to Bless each and everyone of you for teaching us… More Power 💖
  • The last 2 parts explain well the value of the patient and the caregiver. That’s the moment I considered that we are well appreciated because without us a caregiver the patient of course will quickly deteriorates. That’s why it takes two to tango. We need to strengthen ourselves also in order for us to take care more our elderly. We need to eat also good food with high nutrition for us to be more strong and in more positive way to look after our elderly with love , care and respect. This course helps me a lot and I learned a lot ,and it’s additional knowledge for me. In my 9 years of service to my elderly patient I can actually add this knowledge in order for me to help her to prolong her life more years. Thank You Very much for this wonderful opportunity I consider this a big blessing from above from God. I will keep this knowledge in the future. God bless you all and keep safe.
  • I’m a greatful to this oppurtunity by learning this course of Caregiver. Ive learned all the procedures which we apply to our patients in taking care with them, not only for them as well as to ourself as a caregiver. All the Topics are clearly and understandable. It was perfect all the speakers youve done by explaining what we gonna do and teaching techniques what must may apply to our patients . It refreshed my mind to this lessons. Im so much enjoyed , greatful and ive learned a lot this entired courses . Thanks again for this oppurtunity.